Mobility…Or lack thereof…

As you saw in THIS post, I have a really bad couple of weeks. Not only did I break a small piece of my ankle bone I broke my knee as well.  Here I am completely immobile on crutches, in pain and unable to do anything beyond a little clerical work, sleep, eat and hobble to the bathroom (TMI).  After several days of playing Where’s Waldo with the medical supply company I finally have a wheelchair to help alleviate Dave’s worries about my getting around the house when he goes back to work.  I am a bull in a china shop and clumsy on a good day.  With crutches I am another accident waiting to happen.  And he has already said that if I fall again he is going to point and laugh. (1)

Wheel chairWhile he is off work this week I figured it would be a good time to give this puppy a try.  I had no idea these are so difficult to maneuver.  For someone like me who is totally directionally challenged and tell people right when I mean left, this is going to be interesting.  Just getting a handle on moving through doorways in a standard house built in 1965 has been a challenge.  Then the big thing we needed to work out was my ability to prepared food and feed myself.  I am short on a normal day but in the chair nothing is within reach.  Everything is just 1 inch to high or too deep on the counters.  All I wanted was to reheat a cup of tea.  That did not happen without intervention.  The next 5 weeks is going to be a real challenge.  Everything takes at least twice as long to accomplish.  It is really frustrating.  I am not a patient person.

Before people come down on me for the above, I fully understand what I just wrote…I have 5 weeks +/- of limitations.  5 weeks of being inconvenienced. 5 weeks to learn how to do for myself from a chair.  At the end of 5 weeks I will be back on my feet and this period will be a memory.  Again, I am fully aware that this is a temporary situation for me and others in the world deal with this as their daily reality.  I have a new-found respect for those who are living with disabilities. The world is not set up for people on crutches or in chairs.

For those of you out there are that are living with disabilities short or long-term, you have my compassion and respect. And for those of you who do not live with disabilities learn compassion and respect for those who do.

Note: (1) Dave was of course joking…I think…maybe…probably.



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