Only me…the zip tie affair…

Monday prior to the super blue blood moon was an epic Monday.  Monday 1/29/18 will forever go down in my personal history as the 4th worst day of my life.

1. Finding out my mom has cancer.
2. Finding out I have cancer.
3. Finding out mom has cancer Again.
4. Finding the only slipping hazard in the entire parking garage and stepping on it.

You may ask why that is the 4th worst thing in my personal history.  Let me show you in this lovely pictorial.


So the offending zip tie caused me to twist my right ankle, causing me to fall on my left knee and then roll onto my back, flinging my laptop bag across the garage.  Yes, this story is pathetic. (1)  Urgent care, x-rays, immobilizer, boot and crutches all make for a truly grumpy Dani. The current diagnosis is a fractured, displaced knee cap, fracture of the fibula all on the left side and a sprained ankle with an evulsion fracture on the right side.  I mean when I do something I do it BIG!  Seriously, if I never see another zip tie again it will be too soon.

So here I am, completely messed up and unable to do much for myself.  It sucks beyond measure.  I have an appointment with a orthopedic surgeon on Monday to get answers on what are my next steps, what I can and cannot do. And most importantly, how long am I going to be like this.  Oh, and to add a level of fun to the whole mess…this is a worker’s comp claim.  So hoops…lots of hoops.  The one thing I will say is the claims adjuster assigned to my case has been sweet, helpful and cooperative.  Let’s hope it lasts.

Here is the thing that is giving me pause about this whole situation.  My beloved Dave is taking amazing care of me.  I know we vowed “in sickness and in health” but at what point does the care become overwhelmingly lopsided?  Is it feminine guilt that I am feeling.  The idea that women are the care takers and it is nothing for us to sacrifice time, effort and attention to care for those we love? Of course if the tables were turned I would do anything to care for Dave.  Why do I feel so horrible that he’s the care taker.  He was thrust into that position during my cancer period.  It just seems unfair to me that he has to take on that role yet again.  He jokes that he is older than me so I will likely have to do much more caretaking in the future.  I highly doubt that.  I mean, his family is notoriously healthy.  He has never had a cavity, until he turned 50 he had perfect eye sight, Grandpa Frank lived to 100, and his sister to 101. So yeah, totally lopsided.

If what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…..what the hell is coming that I need to be this strong for? Should I be terrified?

Notes: (1) I was told that I needed to come up with a better story that is more interesting.  So I was thinking maybe telling people that I got into a bar fight with a  bunch of Nazi’s or that I jumped in front of a car to save a nun or an orphan…oh an orphaned nun!!


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