Gratitude and the effect therein…

I just completed the spin up (read fit out and opening) of a new office space for my NYC team. In the middle of the most aggressive city in the world  I was met with a humble and grateful group of people.  It is highly unusual for a project manager to experience this type of gratitude.  Usually we are faced with people complaining about their desk location, the color on the walls being ugly, not liking the change in their commute.  All I want to do is scream…”I didn’t have anything to do with these decisions!”  But that is not appropriate.

This team walked into the space with bright eyes and such happiness I felt almost overwhelmed.  They really felt appreciative of the time and effort that went into building their new space. And they were not shy in expressing this joy.

This brings me to my next thought…Gratitude.  It is so easy to say thank you, some may equate that to how easily some people say ‘I love you’.  The truth is that neither of those phrases should be taken for granted or said without meaning.  Showing gratitude is a simple thing but people sometimes forget that to be thanked for something, to express your gratitude is a wonderful way to acknowledge a person’s time and hard work.  As a project manager we don’t often get to see that side.  As a person, being thanked for your hard work, while not necessary for your job, actually makes you want to work more/harder.  It is a simple incentive, like the gold star you got in grade school for doing your homework.  You have to do your homework but getting that star makes it all worth it.

Gratitude……I am grateful to my NYC team for sharing with me their joy and excitement over their new space.  But I am also, grateful for the opportunity to create something that inspires.

In closing, say ‘Thank you’, show your gratitude.  Whether it is someone opening a door for you, building you an office space or simply saying you look nice to day, say thank you,  show your gratitude, you will both feel better for it.



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