You are fierce…You are…..

via Tremble

The trembling started immediately.  She didn’t even have to be in the house or see the destruction which lie within. Just standing there on the brick steps, starring at the demise of her entire life, everything she thought she had worked for wrapped in a peaked roof, shuttered windows and pale yellow paint was enough to set the shaking off.

Was it possible to move forward?  After the devastation, the destruction and the horrible pain of betrayal was it possible?  As she shuddered and slowing turned back, she met the eyes of the 7 women standing behind her.  Each with their own pain and joy.  Each wearing the armor a life well lived embeds in the skin.  She heard them whisper “You are fierce. You are strong.  There is nothing that can stop you now.  You are a bad ass warrior Queen and you will make today your bitch.”

Taking a deep breath, stealing herself, feeling her armor slip into place, she repeated, “I am fierce. I am strong, There is nothing that can stop me now.” and as her voice rose in the last refrain, she yelled, “I am a bad ass warrior Queen and today IS my bitch.”

As the moving trucks arrive to divide up the lives of 2 people and cart that history away, laughter could be heard as 8 warrior sisters prove that the bond of love and friendship can salve the wounds caused of the death of a marriage.


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